Parent's Testimonials

My daughter Arabhi Nath A P is studying in the First Standard at Mother India Public school, Kallara. It has a great team of friendly and experienced educators who have provided a nurturing and conducive environment to learn.I would like to highlight the open and supportive environment of the school helps them to excel in academic as well as in the areas of their interests like arts,sports and other extra curricular activities such as dance, music, paintings, kalary, karate, skating etc. Here i’m extremely happy with my daughter’s academic as well as her extracurricular progress. Let me thank all teachers and staff of MIPS. And a very special thanks to the principal of MIPS DR. B Raveendran Nair sir who trained his teachers for supporting and provides a more robust educational progress. Looking forward to the experience further.

Mrs Aswathy Praveen

Parent of Arabhy (Class I)

I am extremely happy to say that my daughter Nila A S has made exceptional progress since moving to Mother India Public School, Kallara. She has grown in ability and confidence. The teachers have identified her potential and harnessed it. All the teachers are enthusiastic, caring, supportive and professional. The school helps my child to have a healthy life style. I am really impressed with their extra ordinary yoga sessions,curricular and co curricular activities etc. They have after school PT hours which makes children more productive and beneficial. I would like to appreciate Dr Ravindran Nair Sir, the principal, for ensuring that children’s studies have not been impacted because of covid 19 pandemic. Though online classes are unplanned and unexpected, he has executed it so well. The hard work and dedication has been greatly appreciated. Thank you Mother India Public School for making the first part of her school life so enjoyable and rewarding.

Mrs Saliny Anoop

Parent of Nila A S (Class III)

My children are studying in Mother India Public School, Kallara. Parents want the best for their children. I choose Mother India Public School, Kallara. This school offers a warm, nurturing and supportive environment. I believe teachers play an invaluable role in helping children. Teachers are dedicated to providing a quality, personalized education to all children. Mother India Public School offers the best possible environment for learning. Teachers are resourceful and creative in finding the most amazing ways to develop my child’s curiosity. They really make learning fun activities.

Mrs Ragi Binu