Competency based learning encourages high quality education in real life contexts as it emphasizes and stresses on the predefined competencies of analysis, critical thinking and conceptual clarity at each level of the learning journey of the student. This learning takes the child beyond the confines of text book, linking their learning to real life. So, competency based learning aims to bring total change in teaching, learning and assessment practices. It will enable children to realize their potentials so that they can fully contribute to the country and the world safe, sustainable and peaceful.

We strongly believe that our present curriculum implementation for the coming year, as explained above, will definitely bring competency in every child of our school. Only request to our dear parents is that please connect your child regularly to the digital class rooms with our teachers to enjoy the interesting lessons we have planned for them in each subject. No excuses are acceptable in this case in connecting your child to the teacher as because only you can do it.
Thank you very much and wish all my children a wonderful year of joyful learning ahead

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